How to clean and repair Perfect Lac panels

Perfect Lac panels and doors are the right solution for places where hygiene and cleanliness are of fundamental importance. . Thanks to the innovative technology of the coating to excimers, that confers to Perfect Lac a superior resistance and the anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant characteristics, these doors turn outeasy to clean with little products of common use. In addition, the paint used on the panels and doors Perfect Lac is sanitizing and it has an antiseptic action, thanks to the presence of metallic additives active in the paint, which ensure its durability and protection against germs.

Here are some tips on how to clean Perfect Lac and how to perform some quick repairs in case there are micrographs due to daily use.

Extra security where you need it

Perfect Lac is the perfect choice for places that need to be cleaned and often sanitized, such as the kitchen and bathroom, where the doors and floors of furniture are touched more frequently and where there is more moisture.

It becomes a valuable ally also in places where children spend most of their time, such as nurseries and classrooms, where easy-to-clean materials are important to ensure their safety.

Even in places frequented by many people there is need of maximum hygiene and quick cleaning: installing Perfect Lac in the furniture of gyms, beauty centers or doctors, bars and restaurants you can be sure of being able to wash and sanitize with ease.

In fact, the doors and shelves are frequently touched, and they are affected by a normal bacterial passage from the hands to the material. Perfect Lac is coated with a special paint, resistant to most germs and bacteria, but it is a good habit to pass the panels periodically with a damp cloth and a sanitizing product, for complete safety.

Routine cleaning and maintenance

Perfect Lac panels can be cleaned when needed with a simple microfibre cloth, warm or hot water that does not exceed 40° and a mild detergent. The panels are water-repellent and non-porous, and allow a complete cleaning also with a single pass of cloth or sponge.

In case of stubborn or encrusted stains, it is also possible to use non-abrasive household detergents or solvents, such as acetone. Even if Perfect Lac is highly resistant and scratch-resistant, it is not recommended to use products containing corrosive substances, or to pass the surface with sponges and other abrasive tools, such as sandpaper or steel wool. The use of bleaching or high chlorine products is also not recommended.

Once the cleaning is completed, rinse thoroughly with water, preferably warm, to remove the last residue of detergent. Finally, dry with a soft cloth to immediately restore the deep matte of the material and the extremely velvety surface to the touch.

Immediate repair of small scratches

Perfect Lac is scratch-resistant and it has a high abrasion resistance. It may happen, however, that, during the continuous use of everyday life, it may report slight superficial scratches. These small defects can be easily and quickly repaired with the heat: just a few tools that we all have in our homes are enough.

First, place a damp sheet of kitchen paper or a water-soaked kitchen cloth on top of the area where micro-scratches are visible. Then pass over this area with the hot iron, for no more than 10 seconds per pass. Rinse the area with warm water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Alternatively, you can use a melamine foam sponge, also known as a sponge or magic rubber, in order to remove visible micro-scratches. It is sufficient to pass it over the affected area, using a dry or a slightly damp sponge.

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