Laminate panels or excimer coating: which to choose?

In the choice of furniture, there are many materials that can compose our furniture or floors: from the classic laminate, to the latest generation Perfect Lac panels, painted with an excimer process. But what is the difference between a normal laminate and a Perfect Lac panel? What are their characteristics, and their pros and cons? What is the right choice for the furniture of a home, or for a workplace, frequented by many people?

We discover the differences between laminate and excimer painted panels, and the advantages and the disadvantages of these two materials.

Pros and cons of laminate

Laminate is a panel composed of three or four layers: the base, of MDF or chipboard, is covered with two other layers, a protective cellulose film and a decorative sheet. Usually, the decorative sheet takes up the appearance of wood: laminate is often used as an inexpensive but resistant alternative.

To obtain this resistance, however, it relies on two protective layers, cellulose and decorative. These have many advantages, such as a high resistance and ease of cleaning, but they can also have some disadvantages, which must be taken into account to consciously choose the material suitable for your needs.

A laminate panel for example has these characteristics:

  • It cannot be repaired in any way, so in case of scratches should be completely replaced.
  • Relying on only a protective film, it does not withstand enough moisture to be installed in particularly humid places, such as the bathroom.
  • Even in the finest laminates, the cover will never be perfectly homogeneous but the joints in the edges will always be visible.

Excimer coating: uniformity, elegance and long life

On the contrary, panels of Perfect Lac have a coating of paint that, after being applied uniformly, is irradiated with short-wave UV light in the absence of oxygen. The panel is completely painted, allowing to obtain a homogeneous and seamless effect. This type of finishing, called excimers, gives Perfect Lac different properties.

  • Superior resistance to cuts and abrasions. In addition, you can quickly and easily repair micro-scratches and superficial imperfections due to daily use.
  • Its surface has a pleasant touch effect, velvety as silk.
  • The opaque effect, at 2.5 gloss, is obtained without the use of opaque pastes: therefore, it is guaranteed over time.
  • Thanks to the excimer drying, no fingerprints remain on Perfect Lac surfaces.
  • Perfect Lac is also available in the version with water-repellent panel, which resists water even in very humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and gyms.
  • It is very easy to clean thanks to its smooth and non-porous surface, which ensures quick maintenance.
  • Its special sanitizing paint reduces by 99% the proliferation of bacteria on the surface.

Perfect Lac panels do not seek to be an imitation of wood, as is often the case with laminate, but instead it expresses their full potential in a range of trendy colours, suitable for contemporary homes, where design and aesthetics perfectly integrate with functionality and reliability. All the colours in the wide selection of the Perfect Lac Stock Collection emphasize the unique properties of the panels, such as their super-matt and soft-touch effect: they are therefore perfect to be installed in a modern environment, to be fully lived every day.

In addition to the wide range of the Stock Collection by Perfect Lac, the panels can be completely customized according to the various needs: customized size, thickness from 6 mm to 40 mm, painting on both sides, processing also on chipboard or veneer, borders of the same colour, colours RAL or Pantone customized.

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