Perfect Lac: Minimum Emissions Panels VOC

The VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds are organic molecules that may be in the gaseous state, therefore in the air we breathe. These compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids, and include a wide variety of chemicals. These substances can havenegative effects on health in the short and long term.

The concentrations of VOC are higher inside than in external places: they are in fact released by the paints and coatings present in furniture and surfaces. VOC emissions inside our homes can be up to ten times higher than those detected outside.

That is why it is important to prefer furniture and materials with minimum VOC emissions, especially for very busy or long-term places, such as homes or offices. We are extremely sensitive to human health and respect for the environment, and we have made our products in compliance with the most stringent global regulations, trying to minimize any type of emission harmful to humans and the planet.

Perfect Lac: maximum levels of safety and reliability

In designing the products of the Perfect Lac line, we considered of fundamental importance the environment in which we live and the health of people. For this reason, the paints we chose for Perfect Lac have very low VOC and SVOC emissions (semi-volatile organic compounds), responding to the Class A+ of the French decree of the Ministry of Ecology, one of the most complete and in-depth on the subject.

The paint of Perfect Lac is also free of CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and toxic for reproduction), and it complies with the European Regulation concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH).

It is also the right product for the environments frequented by our children, such as bedrooms and classrooms: in fact, it meets the standard EN 71 for the safety of objects that come into contact with children.

Perfect Lac is Carb P-2 and FSC®COC certified

Perfect Lac products have also obtained the Carb-P2 Certificate, which guarantees the almost non-existence of formaldehyde emissions. Formaldehyde is one of the main pollutants in enclosed spaces and is a carcinogenic compound for humans: it can lead to symptoms even serious in the short or long term, depending on its concentration in the air. Perfect Lac products release minimal emissions of this agent, ensuring the safety of all people present in the environment, even for prolonged periods.

In addition, eco-sustainability is very important to us: preserving our planet is also a way of thinking about our health. Thanks to the FSC®COC certificate, we guarantee that our products are made from recycled materials, and that they adhere to a responsible forest management.


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