Perfect Lac with antiseptic paint

The panels and doors of Perfect Lac are coated with a special high-resistance paint against bacteria and sanitizer, which acts as a barrier to protect the surface from dirt and bacterial attacks.

This special paint also allows the panels to be waterproof against the moisture present in environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, and therefore refractory to mould; at the same time is anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant, for a complete cleaning.

Why it is important to sanitize furniture

The sanitization of doors and surfaces of the furniture, especially those present in areas of frequent use such as kitchen and bathroom, is of fundamental importance and it is an element that must not be neglected.

Just think how many times we open kitchen cabinets a day. Each time the cabinets are touched, a natural passage of bacteria takes place, which attach to the surface of the cabinet: without adequate periodic cleaning, the bacteria could then transfer back to our hands, causing possible diseases and infections.

Also in the air are naturally present bacteria and mould spores, which can attach to surfaces, compromising hygiene.

It is therefore important to use the right materials in places where there is more need: Perfect Lac, thanks to its antiseptic paint, allows greater cleaning and sanitation. In addition, it is easy to clean with everyday products.

Perfect Lac with sanitizing paint: added security

The special paint that covers the doors Perfect Lac is a valuable ally in the fight against bacteria. This paint has been specially formulated to provide excellent levels of protection. In addition, it possesses very high chemical-physical resistance characteristics.

Its antiseptic action acts thanks to the presence of active metals inside the paint, which allow a greater defence against the bacterial attack, and at the same time they give it greater resistance.

It is therefore not a coating, but an intrinsic property of the paint: its antiseptic action therefore lasts longer and it does not risk reducing its effectiveness over time. In addition, active metals provide effective protection over the entire surface, even in the most hidden corners, because the paint is evenly distributed.

The antiseptic action of the paint that covers the Perfect Lac panels has been proven by scientific tests lasting 24h, carried out according to ISO 22196:2011, and performed in accredited laboratories. Tests have shown that the surface, painted with the particular type of paint used by Perfect Lac, shows an effective decrease in bacterial proliferation.

Protection: where and when necessary

Thanks to the antiseptic paint, Perfect Lac panels and doors are particularly suitable for installation in places where greater protection and sanitation is needed.

They are the right choice for:

  • Kitchen cabinets, because they are easy to clean in case of splashing.
  • In the bathroom: thanks to their water repellence, they do not absorb moisture and mould spores.
  • Children’s rooms and classrooms.
  • Gyms, beauty centers or doctors, where there is a great coming and going of people.
  • Bars and restaurants.


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